Dan, Dave, Geoff, and Mike are all here! 

We apologize for not having a show on Monday. It's all Dan's fault as his stoner memory kicked in and he forgot that Dave would not be available.

We open the show with more Facebook LIVE bullshit and Dan had another encounter with the cute girl from the grocery store. Dan has also found a new favorite word for butt.

The US Open made for more riveting television and yes...Phil Mickelson is awesome for what he did. The everyman golfer appreciated his antics, while golf snobs lost their s**t. Geoff falls asleep during this discussion.

The sports world should have a boner over Baker Mayfield as he makes Colin Cowherd his bitch on Colin's own show.

Kids in Cages...NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Both political party supporters flip flop their stances, and everyone is an idiot. FIGHT ME IF I'M WRONG.

The NBA Draft is taking place as the guys do the show but nobody cares because the Pistons don't have a first round pick.

Jameis Winston is getting a 3 game suspension after the NFL takes over two years to investigate something that was already investigated. It has to do with an Uber driver and a boob.

John Engler apologizes but everybody still hates him. Also, he looks like Oswald Cobblepot.

The MSU dog f**ker trial uses the most ridiculous prop.

More arguments over the Pistons.

-Fred was called away for a work emergency, so Mike's friend Rich fills in.
-Mike is all for Trump planning a space force if it keeps him far far away from foreign and domestic decisions.
-How Facebook arguments may have actually lead to a reversal of Trump's zero tolerance policy.
-Jerry Springer cancelled: wait?! Jerry Springer was still on?
-Mike admits to hitting Rich's car in the work parking lot.
-Video game addiction is a real thing now. Mike is sick of losing to pre-teens on Fortnite.
-Rich clears the air about a recent scandal he was ensnared in.

Brandon Day of Bless You Boys.com joins the guys late as the guys discuss the Matt Boyd trade idea, the minor league shuffle has begun, the trip to West Michigan and the marketing of baseball. We went overtime on this one.


The guys prepare you for Saturday's early morning Fight Pass exclusive card, headlined by Leon Edwards taking on the one and only Donald Cowboy Cerrone.


Were Back Mofos the Gangs lives have changed alot in the last 3 Weeks, Baby Boy Braxin hangs with us,  we talk NBA Finals NHL Stanley Cup Final and we catch up on the last month in sports headlines and we go to the wheel to talk killer robots, Nicki Minaj and Eminem and reparations coffee

Enjoy the show Herbs


In episode 3, the guys talk about Alexa Bliss stealing the show at MITB, Seth Rollins getting jobbed to Dolph Ziggler on Raw and Big Cass getting released by the WWE. 


Brian lets off some steam and Eric has a couple of words for Lavar Ball. Question time with Jeremy makes the guys take some time to think about their answers. 


A laptop moment visits Jack at the office, the golf cheating scandal, a better word to describe the Tigers other than "scrappy" and is Harper worth $300 million?


Dan, Dave and Geoff are here today. Dan and Geoff make a trip for beer just before the show and get accused of some hooliganism by a crazy old bag lady.

John Engler's emails are just another black eye for Michigan State as he accuses the Nassar whistle blower of manipulating other survivors to come forward. You can't make this shit up.

The Ottawa Senators' wives are trolling each other with burner accounts on Twitter now? Umm Why?

Miguel Cabrera is done for the year. Is he lazy or just unlucky?



BlessYouBoys.com staff contributor Kenon Carter, who hosts the Detroit Tigers Minor League tracker Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TigersMinorLeague/, joins Chris and Roger to look at the improved WAR among certain Tigers, Jacob DeGrom's lack of support, Leonys keeps rolling and who is tearing up the Tigers minor league system. 


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